Conga Conflict

Reporting on the conflict between the mega mining project Conga and the people of Cajamarca, Peru

March 22nd, World Water Day: Meeting for life! No to Conga!



This March 22nd, on World Water Day, the district of Sorochuco in the province of Celendín will again become the setting for the defense of life and the environment. The interprovincial meeting will take place at 9am where delegations from the provinces of Celendin, Cajamarca and Hualgayoc will meet in the historical Plaza de Armas, Sorochuco.


We invite you to be part of this historic gathering of people who have decided not to submit to the humiliation, dispossession and devastation of our lives, our culture and our country. Our population of brave men and women will not surrender- not militarization, nor bullets, or death can stop us.  Our people are stronger now than ever and we once again confirm our commitment to the protection of water, of life, and of our rights.


In our territory the people command, and the government obeys!

In defense of water and life! No to Conga!

Long live the brave people of Celendín!

Long live the brave people of Hualgayoc!

Long live the brave people of Cajamarca!



Plataforma Interinstitucional Celendina (PIC)

[Inter-institutional Platform of Celendin]

Frente de Defensa de Hualgayoc – Bambamarca

[Defense Coalition of Hualgayoc – Bambamarca]

Comando Unitario de Lucha de la Región Cajamarca

[Command Control Unit of the Cajamarca Region]


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