Conga Conflict

Reporting on the conflict between the mega mining project Conga and the people of Cajamarca, Peru

Omissions reported in investigation of the deaths in protests against the Conga Mining Project

There have been serious omissions that could lead to the archiving of the investigation into the deaths of four people from Celendín during protests against the Conga mining project in July 2012, reported human rights lawyer Mar Perez from the National Coordinator of Human Rights in the Peruvian national newspaper La Republica.

She said that, after ten months, there are serious problems in the investigation of the First Provincial Criminal Prosecutor of Chiclayo, which has the case. For example, atomic absorption tests have not been conducted with the police or military who participated in the operation, weapons were not immobilized for testing and ballistic tests were not conducted, nor have the autopsies of the dead nor the medical history of the injured been put on record.

Perez added that the Interior Ministry has not provided the plan of operations and has only presented two of the five soldiers who have been cited – those who admitted that the army fired, although only in the air.

The lawyer also warned that in three months, when the investigation deadline expires, if they have not identified those responsible, the case will be closed for lack of evidence.


During the operation in Celendín, involving military by Legislative Decree 1095, César Medina Aguilar, José Silva Sánchez, Paulino García Rojas and José Sánchez Huamán lost their lives.

See original article here.


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