Conga Conflict

Reporting on the conflict between the mega mining project Conga and the people of Cajamarca, Peru

Roque Benavides reiterates plans to drain the Perol Lagoon

Roque Benavides in the interview below with Gestion proves beyond a doubt that the Conga Mining Project is not in suspension as they claim.  They continue to build their reservoirs, which are part of the original plan for the Conga Project, and plan to finish the second – which they call ´Perol´ (keeping with the tendency of mining companies to rob the name of a natural entity and give the name to the unnatural monstrosity causing its destruction) by the end of the year.  When this is finished they plan then to drain the Perol Lagoon (Laguna Perol) to fill their reservoir.  This reservoir, unlike the lagoon, will not be connected to the intricate subterranean water system and wetlands that bring clean water to the 200 communities depending on it, but neither is this reservoir, unlike the lagoon, sitting on a reserve of gold and copper that Yanacocha wants to get its hand on.

What also will happen to the reservoir, which needs constant upkeep (once again, unlike the lagoon), when Yanacocha has exploited all the gold and copper they can wring from the earth and has packed up and moved on to the next target?

We think that Roque Benavides will find, ´from a social point of view´, that no, this is not feasible in the slightest.


Roque Benavides: “Second reservoir water will be the turning point in Conga”

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


The CEO of Buenaventura considered that the construction of the project can move forward if it is feasible to pump water to the reservoir from the lagoon Perol, which looks to be protected by the peasants. “If that is not feasible, I’m afraid we would have to consider other alternatives,” he said.

Roque Benavides

Buenaventura Chief Executive, Roque Benavides , said that the construction of the water reservoir Perol, the second of Conga- will be the breaking point to see if it is possible to move forward with this project.


Perol [the proposed reservoir] will be supplied in part with water from a lagoon [The Perol Lagoon] located near Conga, Cajamarca, that farmers seek to protect.

“I think the turning point will be when we finish Perol  [the proposed reservoir] and have to pump water into the reservoir and if that is feasible, within the social point of view, then we can advance the construction of the mine,” said Benavides.

“However, if that is not feasible, I’m afraid we would have to think of other alternatives,” he said on the sidelines of the Forum of Reuters Latin American Investment Summit.

In this regard, Benavides explained that Yanacocha will soon begin building the second reservoir, which is expected to be ready later this year.


That said, after a recent signing in which Buenaventura has a 43.7% share, they will finish building the first reservoir, called Chailhuagón.


“We believe this will help us a lot to socialize the project as people see how it will generate much more water than it has today,” said the executive.

To see the original article click here.


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