Conga Conflict

Reporting on the conflict between the mega mining project Conga and the people of Cajamarca, Peru

Call for International Solidarity for the anniversaries of deaths of protesters



This is a call out to see if anyone would like to participate in sending videos or photos (videos preferred) with a message of solidarity for the people of Cajamarca, Celendin and Hualgayoq-Bambamarca in Peru.

For a year and a half they have been fighting against the Conga mega mining project (the majority of which is owned by the American mining company Newmont, 5% by the World Bank). Actually, Cajamarca has been fighting against Newmont for the last 20 years, against the Yanacocha project (the largest gold mine in South America), of which Conga is an expansion (2nd largest gold mine in the world). 20 years of heavy metals contaminating the water (mercury, cyanide, lead, arsenic, uranium…), artificial rivers running from tubes, dead rivers. Rising rates of stomach cancer. It goes on and on….(a mercury spill in Choropampa, June, 2000…)

Last year, on July 3rd and 4th 2012, 5 people were killed by the police during massive uprisings in the cities of Celendin and Bambamarca. There have been other confrontations, before and after the July events, leaving many wounded… in addition to  8 months of military occupation, soldiers taking advantage of underage girls, persecution of leaders, criminalization of protesters, social programs that are cut if people participate in protests… etc etc. All cloaked in the discourse of development and progress. Officially 4 highland lagoons are schedualed for destruction by the Conga project, but really, the open pit mine will affect between 3,000-16,000 hectares of fragil mountaintop wetlands including numerous lakes, rivers, and marshes, composing 5 waterheads that supply the region´s drinking water… for this reason the people here chant ¨AGUA SI, ORO NO!¨

We would appreciate the photos or videos by Friday the 28th June. We are writing to groups and individuals all over the world, for a show of international solidarity. The messages will be edited together and projected in the plaza de armas of the cities of Celendin and Hualgayoq-Bambamarca on the anniversaries of the deaths.

Such a video will have an enormous impact on the people here in Cajamarca, to know that the world is with them. They believe they are fighting for us all.

The Photo or Video (video preferable) should include these points…

-Remembering the people who died – Reading out names and say `presente` after each one. One person should say the name, then everyone says `presente` together.

Faustino Silva Sánchez
Joselito Vásquez Jambo
Paulino García Rojas
Cesar Medina Aguilar
Joselito Sánchez Huamán

-Short message in Spanish or English (or other language if coming from other part of the world…if other then Spanish or English please send translation, we will add subtitles.) –  calling for justice and a message of solidarity with the campaign (la lucha).

-Some way of telling where you are (sign, monument)

Please send all photos or videos to

Many thanks.


Denver (DJPC)


One comment on “Call for International Solidarity for the anniversaries of deaths of protesters

  1. Cameron watson
    June 27, 2013

    I pledge my support for the miners as a union man and a person who believes that human /workers rights are for all people not just those privileged enough to be born in the right country.


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