Conga Conflict

Reporting on the conflict between the mega mining project Conga and the people of Cajamarca, Peru

Letter from activists delivered to Peruvian Consulate in Denver, Colorado

The Denver Justice and Peace Committee and supporters marched in solidarity with the people of Cajamarca on 17th June.  They also hand-delivered a letter to the Peruvian Consulate in Denver, Colorado – the home of Newmont Mining Company, the major shareholder of Yanacocha.  Below is a copy of the letter. Thank you DJPC and the people of Denver for standing with us.

June 17, 2013

His Excellency Minister Eduardo Barandiarán

Ambassador of Peru

Consulate of Peru

1001 S. Monaco Parkway

Suite 210

Denver, Colorado 80224



Dear Ambassador Barandiarán,


Greetings once again from the Denver Justice & Peace Committee (DJPC)!


As you know from our visit with you at the Consulate last year, it has come to the attention of DJPC over recent years that there is serious conflict in Cajamarca over the problems of gold-mining by the Newmont Mining Corporation.


Recently, plans to expand the mining in Cajamarca, particularly at a new mining site, called Conga, have provoked a march for water. This march will involve thousands of Peruvians traveling to Lake Perol in Cajamarca this very day, June 17, 2013. They seek to protect the lake from being drained and used by Newmont.


Because Newmont is a Denver-based corporation, DJPC is especially concerned about the violence and the unresolved demands of the people of Cajamarca, as a result of this proposed mining expansion.


Therefore, along with some Peruvians of Colorado, DJPC members march today in solidarity with the people of Cajamarca, requesting the government of Peru to reconsider the consequences that Conga Mine would have on the region, and to stop the expansion of Newmont Mining, for the following reasons:


–        the initial Environmental Impact Assessment requires extensive re-evaluation;

–        upstream mining at the headwaters of Cajamarca should be prohibited;

–        mining with cyanide and mercury as done by Newmont should be prohibited;

–        the human right to clean, natural water should take priority over gold-mining;

–        the human rights violations and violence against those questioning or opposing the mining must be stopped and corrected under rule of law.


We thank you for listening to our concerns and for relaying them to the proper ministers and officials of your government, including to President Ollanta Humala, on our behalf.


Always disposed to dialogue with you about this matter, and on behalf of everyone in DJPC,


Yours for a more just and peaceful Peru,




Jerry Stookey

DJPC Program Director


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