Conga Conflict

Reporting on the conflict between the mega mining project Conga and the people of Cajamarca, Peru

National Day of Struggle – Lima, 4th July

The following is a report by on the mass mobilisation in Lima on 4th July as part of the National Day of Struggle.  The full version in spanish and more photos can be seen here.


This 4th of July thousands of young students and workers, men and women took to the streets of Lima and the provinces to express their voice of protest against the serious threats posed by legislative initiatives (Civil Service Law, Draft new university law) that Ollanta Humala’s government seeks to impose against the will of the Peruvian people.

But today not only did students and workers protest and express their rejection of the neoliberal model and the continuity of this government; they also came together to mark this day one year ago in Bambamarca and Celendín when the police killed five brothers –  in the context of the struggle in defense of water and life.

On this day in Cajamarca and Lima we remember and refuse to forget these deaths and the history that is written with the struggle of our brothers and sisters. That’s why we joined the national day of struggle carrying the spirit of resistance and solidarity, through the symbol of the Ecological Flag – which came to life a year ago and now its 300 meters long, reminding us of the tireless struggle in defense of water, life and the freedom to choose a new development model.



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