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Brazilian hydroelectric company carries out it`s public talk by force

Celendin: Cortegana Ronderos Denounce abuses by the company AC Energia SA – Odebrecht
Chadin 2

Ronderos (local patrolmen) of Cortegana, Cajamarca district reported malpractice by the company AC Energy HS in the conduct of the third and final workshop in which they are presenting information on their hydropower project Chadin 2, which occurred on Tuesday, April 30.

As Ronderos in the area stated, the company AC Energia SA held a workshop with people from other districts of the province of Celendín who were transferred in vans and combis paid by the company. “They were paid 20 soles for attending the event, also some promoters of social programs brought people by threating their removal from the list of beneficiaries,” said one of the leaders.

Currently, the company AC. Energia SA (owned by the construction company Odebrecht) has the temporary concession of the Chadin 2 Project, which is at the stage of accessing feasibility – for which you need to check the technical, economic and environmental details as well as complying with the reporting process to communities that will be affected by the construction of this mega project.

According to reports collected, the event held at a local Cortegana District Municipality, began at 9:00 pm with the presence of a strong police contingent of approximately 40 armed troops – who from the beginning were responsible for “maintaining order” among attendees and prevented the entry of rondero leaders, including Walter Castaneda of the Regional Federation of the Rural Ronda of Cajamarca (Federación Regional de Rondas Campesinas de Cajamarca).

Also, as explained Milton Sanchez, head of the Inter-Celendín Platform (ICP) (Plataforma Interinstitucional de Celendín (PIC)), the police prevented the entry of residents of the area, who, in response to being prevented from participating in the event, began to protest to demand entry of their leaders to the workshop and the placement of speakers in the outer zone of the room to listen to the information that the company offered. “They formed a cordon outside the building where the workshop was taking to prevent our entry. At one point the police started to repress the population, but with the arrival of a prosecutor in the area, they proceeded to sign a document in which they agreed to allow only the entrance of some leaders,” said Sanchez.

The workshop was held with the presence of 7 representatives of the company, a representative of the Ministry of Energy and Mines and an alderman of the City of Cortegana, plus 130 participants of which, according to the reports, 70% did not belong the district. Kept outside the room were groups of villagers from Cortegana and Rondero leaders.

“The event has only served the company to be able to report on the benefits which they said Chadin 2 would bring. They have not told us what the negative effects could be nor have they been able to answer where they would relocate the affected communities. After the workshop the organizers wanted us to sign the attendance record by force. They enclosed us, locked us up so that we did not leave without signing” complained a resident of Cortegana.

Finally, Milton Sanchez explained what happened “it is a clear example of how not to carry out the consultation process of megaprojects. The company is manipulating this informative process and is not respecting the people of Cortegana “.

Chadin 2 is a hydroelectric megaproject, which would be located between Cajamarca and the Amazon regions with a potential of 600 MW and a total cost of 819 million dollars.

Integration Area Solidarity
Peru Solidarity Forum

For the original report in spanish click here.

For a Servindi report on the incident click here.


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