Conga Conflict

Reporting on the conflict between the mega mining project Conga and the people of Cajamarca, Peru



Máxima Acuñe Chaupe


Source: La Republica



Women Human Rights defender Máxima Acuñe Chaupe fears eviction following intimidation by Special Operations Division of the Peruvian National Police in Cajamarca, Peru.

Máxima Acuñe Chaupe is at daily risk of being evicted from her family home in Tragadero Grande, Sorochuco district of the Cajamarca province. Since 2011 she has been subjected to violent eviction attempts, threats, intimidation and violence by the Special Operations Division of the Peruvian National Police (DINOES). Since March 2013, DINOES personnel have been permanently positioned outside her home[1]. The current high police presence in the area is a constant reminder that her home and future are no longer secure; her land is wanted for the mining project Conga.

In 1994 Máxima bought the land where she currently lives with her family. In 2011 she refused to sell it to Yanacocha for the Minas Congas project. As a result, she alleges that a campaign of intimidation and violence ensued. One such incident occurred on the 10th August 2011, which left both Máxima and her daughter unconscious at the hands of the DINOES[2]. As a measure of protection, Máxima has allowed local Ronderos[3] to camp on her land since October 2012[4]. Sadly this has not protected her. Maxima stated that on 30th January 2013, DINOES entered her property and attempted to evict her and her family without any formal documentation. They beat Máxima, detained her husband and son and killed several of their animals. Yanacocha claims that Maxima had previously sold her land to them and is now squatting illegally, though she strongly refutes this and has the paperwork to show her ownership.[5]

Máxima has filed numerous incidents of violence and physical assault by Yanacocha staff and DINOES to the local Police Commissioner[6]. She is frustrated at seeing that her denunciations are not taken seriously, and being denied access to the Commissioner[7].  Until now, Yanacocha nor any DINOES personnel have been charged for assaulting Máxima. On the contrary, Yanacocha has brought a legal case against Máxima and her family, which was brought before the Judge of Celendin on 29th October 2012. They were found guilty of ‘illegal occupation’ and were sentenced to three years suspended prison sentence. In addition they were ordered to pay 200 soles in compensation to Yanacocha. Tomorrow, 17th of July 2013 the final hearing will be held in Cajamarca. Maxima fears that the court will side with the mining company and that she will be evicted from her land. Due to previous experiences she feels that the Peruvian government and judicial system fails its own citizens in siding with the mining company.

Living in such a rural location Máxima is both isolated and vulnerable, and she states that she lives in fear and cannot plan her future, as every day is an unknown. She is also scared to leave her house, and lives in constant worry that the police will return once more to knock her house down and hurt her family. Facing these threats, Máxima has yet to be offered protection by the Peruvian government.


I fear for my life, for the life of my husband, for the lives of my children and for the lives of the people in my community who defend us and our water’ (Máxima Chaupe).


Please write immediately in Spanish or your own language urging the Peruvian government to:


  • Investigate thoroughly all acts of violations of human rights, intimidation, threats and harassment that have occurred to Maxima Acuña and her family, by the mining company Yanacocha, their private security personnel and members of the Peruvian National Police.
  • Investigate thoroughly the role of Yanacocha in illegal evictions and irregular acquisition of private land in the areas within their project zones.
  • Offer urgent protection and to ensure that no further Human Rights abuses occur to Máxima and all of her family members.
  • Ensure that the Judicial System evaluates Maxima’s case objectively, taking into consideration all evidence resulting in a fair trial according to justice.
  • Request a public announcement from the Defensoria del Pueblo and the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Groups, regarding the human rights violations that Maxima Acuña and her family have been subjected to by Yanacocha, their private security staff and the Peruvian National Police.








Defensoría del Pueblo

Responsable:   Eduardo Vega Luna

Cargo:             Defensor del Pueblo (e)

Teléfono:         311 0300 – Anexo 1202

Correo Electrónico:


Defensoría del Pueblo – Sucursal Cajamarca

Responsable Defensoría: Agustín Moreno Díaz


Teléfono: 076-343489

Fax:        076-369926




Ministro de Justicia Justicia y Derechos Humanos

Ministro de Justicia: Dr. Daniel Augusto Figallo Rivadeneyra
Teléfono: 204-8020 anexo 1102/1103
Fax: 204-8020 anexo 1421 / 1206


Presidente del Poder Judicial

Dr. Enrique Javier Mendoza Ramírez

Central telefónica: 4101010 anexo 11020



Presidente de la Corte Superior de Justicia de Cajamarca

Presidente: Dr. Oscar Gilberto Vásquez Arana

Dirección: Jr. Comercio N° 680, Cajamarca

Central Telefónica: 076-584400


Fiscalía de la Nación

Fiscal de la Nación: Dr.José Antonio Paláez Bardales

Av. Abancay cdra. 5 s n,

Lima Peru

Fax +511 4271792 del correo electrónico

Saludo: Sr. Fiscal Nación


Ministerio del Interior

Ministro: Dr. La Sierra del Pedraza Wilfredo

La plaza 30 de Agosto s n Urb. Corpac –

El San Isidro, Lima, Perú

El fax: +511 204 81 10

Saludo: Estimado Minister Sr. Ministro  

[3] Ronderos are campesinos/campesinas in Peru who traditionally provide protection in rural areas



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