Conga Conflict

Reporting on the conflict between the mega mining project Conga and the people of Cajamarca, Peru



(a call to save the Upper Amazon by Sierra Rios)

The Upper Amazon River, also called Río Marañon, is under threat of being dammed and needs your help to prevent its senseless destruction. Please read more about the issue, sign a petition voicing your opposition to the dams, click on “LIKE”, see photos of the river, watch a video showing the river and dam threats, and make a donation to help in the conservation effort.

Río Marañon is the mainstem source of the Amazon and therefore deserves the title of Upper Amazon. It is also perhaps the most beautiful river in the world, passing through a bona fide Grand Canyon of the Andes. Although currently free-flowing, in 2010 then-president Alan García signed a pact with Brazil to provide thousands of MW of hydropower for export, declaring the damming of the Marañon “in the national interest“. So various studies were undertaken (and are still being done) to forward plans for 15-20 hydroelectric dams on the river, including several mega projects (>1000 MW) in the jungle. [Read more about the planned dams in this PLOS1 article and a relevant excerpt ].

Basically, one hydro dam is planned after another for the entire length of the river in the Andes, leaving little or no free-flowing river. This will disrupt the major hydrological source of the Amazon, alter normal silt deposition into the main lower river, destroy habitat and migration patterns for fish and other acuatic life, displace thousands of residents along the river, and destroy a national treasure at least as nice as the Grand Canyon in the USA.

Of the many planned dams, two downstream of Balsas are in advanced stages. The Environmental Impact Statements (EISs) for both of these have been completed:

Chadin2 Dam (part I; and part II).

Veracruz Dam project (a.k.a. “Cumba4”); also here.

Foreign companies such as Odebrecht intend to start construction as early as next year. Others such as Corina are described here.

Join SierraRios in a coalition with International Rivers to help spread the word about the threats to Río Marañon and put pressure to stop plans to construct these dams..


Marañon residents NEED YOUR HELP!!




    August 24, 2013

    Megaproyectos de Represas en el Marañón para enriquecer mas a las transnacionales y destruir el ecosistema y con ello las condiciones mínimas de vida de miles de peruanos que viven de las aguas y corrientes del caudaloso río. Despertad Pueblos Hermanos del Perú y defendamos la Vida Agua y Soberanía. ¡¡¡DEFENDER EL AGUA ES DEFENDER LA VIDA!!! ¡¡¡VIVIREMOS PARA VENCER!!! ¡¡¡SIN LUCHAS NO HAY VICTORIAS!!!


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