Conga Conflict

Reporting on the conflict between the mega mining project Conga and the people of Cajamarca, Peru

International Delegation of Human Right Observers Visit Máxima Acuña Chaupe

International women

On the 5th October 2013 an international delegation of women human right defenders will travel to Cajarmarca, Peru to investigate the reports of human right abuses against Máxima Chaupe.


The international delegation made up of women from England, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico and Honduras will travel to the home of Máxima Chaupe’s home, which has been a focal point of the Conga conflicct between mining company Yanacocha and the local population.


Máxima Acuñe Chaupe has been at daily risk of being evicted from her family home in Tragadero Grande, Sorochuco district of the Cajamarca province. Since 2011 she has been subjected to violent eviction attempts, threats, intimidation and violence by the Special Operations Division of the Peruvian National Police (DINOES). Since March 2013, DINOES personnel have been permanently positioned outside her home


Máxima and her family have faced a lengthy court battle by Yanacocha who alledge that Máxima is illegally occupying the land. On the 2nd August 2013, the Superior Court of Justice of Cajarmarca ruled a previous sentence, which convicted Máxima to a three year suspended sentence and fine null and void, stating that the entire judicial process contained judicial errors of law and fact, and it had ignored the consideration of fundamental evidence that was favourable to the family throughout the process. A new trial is to be rescheduled with an impartial judge.


Máxima was voted Women of the Year 2012 by various NGO’s and Peruvian social organisations for her continued fight to protect her human right.


After visiting Máxima’s home the International delegation will hold a meeting with Ronderos who have been camping at the mountain top lagunas under threat, monitoring the continued mining activity. On Friday, 20th September, workers and security guards of the Yanacocha mining company entered and violently destroyed the camps of the Ronderos, known locally as the Guardians of the Lagoons where they stole food, pots, blankets and burned straw mattresses. The following day at 11.30pm a group of 10 armed people fired again into the camp of the Guardians of the Lagoons


A press conference will be held on the 6th October where the delegation will present their findings to the press.




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