Conga Conflict

Reporting on the conflict between the mega mining project Conga and the people of Cajamarca, Peru

Cajamarca: Two years of struggle against the Conga mining project


The 9th November marked two years since the first protests began against Yanacocha`s Conga mining project. To commemorate the two years a visit to inspect the current state of the lagoon El Perol was realised – the lagoon which, according to EIA of the mining project, must be drained to begin the construction of the open pit El Perol (assuming the same name as the lagoon it will consume), where one of the largest gold and copper deposits is to be found.

Present on this day were many different communities of Celendin and Bambamarca. Milton Sanchez (Celendin community leader), Edy Benavides (Bambamarca community leader) and Ídselo Hernandez (Cajamarca rondero representative) addressed the crowds along with the Mayors of Huasmin – José Marín, and Sorochuco – Ebert Abanto, as well as the Regional President of Cajamarca, Gregorio Santos.

The day of action beginning at approximately 11:30 am, from the gate leading to the Laguna El Perol.  After walking to the junction that leads to the Laguna Azul, the different social bases agreed to carry out an inspection of the Laguna El Perol.

The mass mobilisation arrived at El Perol, observing that for now no work has resumed, and the organizations, Defense Fronts and leaders gathered to start the assembly. The Assemble was led by the President of the Defense Front of Jadibamba – Alamiro Vasquez and Nicanor Alvarado of the PIC. The meeting began with music and dancing, thanks to a local band of musicans.

Throughout the course of the day the communities were always watched and closely followed by security personnel of the Yanacocha mine, as well as the DINOES and Intelligence Service.

Adopted from a report by Jorge Chavez:



One comment on “Cajamarca: Two years of struggle against the Conga mining project

  1. Ulises
    November 27, 2013

    Note: EIS stands for “Estudio de Impacto Ambiental”, meaning “Environmental Impact Study”.
    DINOES stands for “División de Operaciones Especiales” meaning “Special Operations Division” a specialized police unit.


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