Conga Conflict

Reporting on the conflict between the mega mining project Conga and the people of Cajamarca, Peru

ALERT: REPRESSION IN THE MARAÑON – Chadin 2 imposes police presence

Urgent, Last minute (Celendin, 12:30pm, Dec. 13, 2013):

The authorities from the community of Yagen, in the Cortagana District, in the Province of Celendin, say that a large contingent of police are in the area of Saquilillo, this is where the Brazilian company of Odebrecht wants to build a wall as part of the Chadin 2 Project to damn the Marañon River. The police have destroyed the ‘oroya’ (a device like a large basket which transports people over the large river, usually the only means of crossing, transport, and communication in rural areas) which transports the local population from Celendin to Amazonas and viceversa, leaving the communities without communication.


photo from a previous incident of repression in Cortegana earlier in the year

Original in Spanish:

URGENTE, ULTIMO MINUTO (Celendin, 12h30, 13/12/13): Las autoridades de la comunidad de Yagén, Distrito de Cortegana, provincia de Celendín, nos informan que una gran contigente de policías se encuentran en el lugar denominado Saquilillo, en dónde la brasileña Odebrecht pretende construir el muro del proyecto Chadín 2 para represar el Río Marañón. La policía habría destruido la oroya que transporta la población de Celendín hacía Amazonas y viceversa, dejando incomunicado a las comunidades.




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