Conga Conflict

Reporting on the conflict between the mega mining project Conga and the people of Cajamarca, Peru

PERU: Government spies on Conga protest leaders

Sede del Ministerio del Interior. Foto: La República

On the night of 24th December LulzSec, a group of hackers attached to Anonymous Peru, successfully hacked into the email system of the Interior Ministry, uncovering 100 private files.  These files revealed police and government corruption – including the tracking of protest leaders in Cajamarca – presumably gained by government espionage.

Three emails concerning Cajamarca were uncovered – two with dates of 15th and 21st November 2013 detailing the whereabouts of six protest leaders or `leaders or spokespeople who reject the viability of the Conga Mining Project`, who included:

  • Gregorio Santos
  • Marco Arana
  • Wilfredo Saavedra
  • Ydelso Hernandez
  • Milton Sanchez Cubas
  • Edy León Benavidez Ruiz

The third email dated 26th November 2013 reports of a rondero meeting in Hualgayoc – Bambamarca – detailing who attended, what was discussed and what was decided upon.

Two days later the Interior Ministry released a statement affirming it had been subject to an information attack but could not confirm the veracity the information leaked to the public. The statement affirmed the intention of pressing charges against those responsible.

The three leaked documents and the statement from the Interior Ministry can be viewed on Celendin Libre (in spanish) here:

Perú: Anonymous da a conocer el seguimiento a opositores del proyecto minero Conga por parte del Gobierno

Further reports can also be viewed below: Anonymous hackea al Ministerio del Interior Anonymous Perú hackeó correos del Ministerio del Interior

El Pais: Un ‘wikileaks’ peruano revela secretos del Gobierno de Humala


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