Conga Conflict

Reporting on the conflict between the mega mining project Conga and the people of Cajamarca, Peru

MINERA YANACOCHA destroyed Maxima Acuña`s new construction and stole her guinea pigs


Photo: Referencial

Wednesday 29th April, police and employees of Minera Yanacocha again entered Maxima Acuña`s land, destroyed a building that was under construction and stole 15 of her guinea pigs that she was raising.

Maximum Acuña, in her interview with a local radio station, said the incident occurred when she and her family were summoned to Cajamarca to give a statement to representatives of the Ministry of Interior. Meanwhile, Yanacocha workers and police entered her land, destroyed her construction and her guinea pigs were taken.

This is not an isolated event, it is a systematic act of provocation that Yanacocha is constantly carrying out against the Chaupe Acuña family. Maxima reiterated that construction was situated on her own land, within the 24 hectares of ´Tragradero Grande` in the area of ​​the Conga project.

Maxima Acuña also reported that police are stationed outside her home ´day and night´, watching her permanently.


Meanwhile the family`s lawyer, Dr. Mirtha Vasquez said: the case of the Chaupe family is well known, the company accused them of invading their land which resulted in the judiciary absolving the family and thus validating the right of possession that the family has regarding Tragadero Grande. Post judgment, when things seemed like they would be quiet for the family, the company continues to harass and attack them´. She also stated that they have lodged a complaint denouncing that this act affects the property, economy and emotional health of Maxima Acuña and her family.

This act occurs despite the fact that the Chaupe Acuña family has been granted assurances from the Government of Cajamarca and are protected by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

Source: Grufides


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