Conga Conflict

Reporting on the conflict between the mega mining project Conga and the people of Cajamarca, Peru

Jaime Chaupe, husband of Maxima Acuña, reports gunshots fired at family home

Maxima Acuña, who has just returned to Peru after winning the world-renowned Goldman Environmental Prize, fears for the life of her husband, Jaime Chaupe. Jaime reported by mobile phone that … Continue reading

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Máxima Acuña wins world’s top environmental prize

Máxima Acuña de Chaupe has won the Goldman Environmental Prize, the world’s biggest prize that recognizes environmental rights defenders. She received her prize today, 18th April 2016 in the city … Continue reading

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Peruvian state to provide security to the Chaupe family

Source: RPP Noticias The national police will visit Tragadero Grande, the home of the Chaupe family, twice a month to ensure the safety of the family. Attorney Mirtha Vasquez said … Continue reading

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