Conga Conflict

Reporting on the conflict between the mega mining project Conga and the people of Cajamarca, Peru

Cajamarca: Yanacocha mining defrauds government of around $1.8b in taxes

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Front Line Defenders release report on the dire human rights situation in Cajamarca

Peru – Release of New Report on Human Rights Defenders Para español, clic aquí. Front Line Defenders visited Peru in February 2014 and travelled extensively in the Cajamarca and Cusco regions investigating … Continue reading

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Celendín: Guardianes del agua

Celendín: Guardianes del agua. via Celendín: Guardianes del agua.

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Human Rights Lawyer speaks of the injustices in the Chaupe family case

(Video by Alexander Luna) Mirtha Vasquez, the human rights lawyer who is defending the Chaupe family as they defend their right to live on their land, speaks of the injustices … Continue reading

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Mining Nightmare

“Mining activities are set to tripleworldwide by 2050. Mining is a major driver of landgrabbing. As the scale of the extractive industries increases, so do the social and ecological costs. … Continue reading

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DEUTSCH: La Jalqueñita

Am Dienstag, den 3. Dez. findet die letzte von Yanachocha iniziierte Gerichtsverhandlung gegen Maxima und ihre Familie statt. Maxima und ihre Familie gehen in der Gerichtsverhandlung das Risiko ein, ihre … Continue reading

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ENGLISH: La Jalqueñita

On Tuesday, December 3 the last hearing of the legal case brought by the mining company Yanacocha against Maxima Acuña Chaupe and her family will be held. Maxima and her … Continue reading

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ESPAÑOL: La Jalqueñita

El martes 3 de diciembre, al medio dia se llevara a cabo la ultima audiencia del caso legal en contra de Máxima Acuña Chaupe y su familia, lanzado por la … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Río Marañon: The Upper Amazon to be DAMMED!!!

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Solidarity from Belgium

Thanks to our friends at Catapa!   Also see their photos incorporated here: The World Says Conga No Va  

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